Maybe the first thoughts are: Maybe I should not… I trust them, let them find their way… It is difficult enough as it is… This will not last forever anyway…
The second thought might be: Maybe I should… I do not want them to let the focus slip… I need to provide them direction… How do I know how many hours they are really working?

Anyway, we are now having a totally new reality forced upon us in just a matter of days…
So the probability of the set up not being really efficient is very high. We are still inventing how to do it optimally. Actually there are 3 different dimensions we need to take into account when we want to manage this:

  • The type of work the people do remotely now.
    If a person is working all day on a customer portfolio and processes account per account all day long, there is historical data/experience available on how many account on average per day can be handled. (and of course there is always variance, but we can put a rough number on it.)
    At the other hand the work can have a totally different nature and we need to measure it in a completely different way.
    Many more different types of work.
  • The type of person who is doing the work.
    A self-starter, very disciplined, not so structured, extremely focused, easily distracted, in need of frequent help or coaching. There are many characteristics which work or do not work so well in a remote setting.
  • The amount of interactions and information handovers which are needed to do the job.

Basically if you have good transparency on all 3 you can design the right way how to manage your remote teams… If you would like to read more about how to do this please click below. You can also schedule directly a call with one of our experts to get a free of charge session on this topic to see what are your challenges and chances to design a future proof way of working… Please leave your contact details below if that is what you would like to do…