Overview Whitepapers:

  • READ  How does NORMAL look like in an ABNORMAL reality?
    Unprecedented. Never have any crisis been more disruptive on a global scale since the World Wars. C-19 has disturbed our “Normal” world and will continue to disrupt it for unknown times to come.

  • READ  How can I help my business to survive the increased disruption caused by C-19?
    In the last month, the world has changed.  Every 24 hour period brings about new information, and yet there are questions that no one can answer.

  • READ  Will we ever get back to NORMAL? Would that even be the right thing to do?
    During the COVID-19 outbreak the world has changed at a faster pace than ever.
    Many have struggled, all have learned…

  • READ  How can I manage the performance of my team when they are working remotely?
    Maybe the first thoughts are: Maybe I should not… I trust them, let them find their way… It is difficult enough as it is… This will not last forever anyway…

  • READ  Forget Continuous Improvement. I just want to survive!!
    In pre Covidian times, the continuous improvement programme was working well, improving quality, reducing lead time and reducing cost.  The Return On Investment (ROI) was healthy …

  • READ  How do I maintain a Continuous Improvement culture when people are working remotely?
    When you have a good system in place the work will also continue when the boss is not looking. Why? Not because people feel forced to do so, no because they want it.

  • READ What are my standards in times of chaos?
    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

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