When you have a good system in place the work will also continue when the boss is not looking. Why? Not because people feel forced to do so, no because they want it.
Because in the definition of AchieV a good system means:

  • People own Continuous Improvement in their own circle of influence.
  • If an opportunity lies outside their own circle of influence they escalate it to someone who has larger circle of influence, and this continues until the problem finds someone who can fix it efficiently.
  • People know exactly what the expectations are and they are always looking for opportunities to hit or exceed the targets. They do not accept the status quo and are always looking for opportunities to excel.

If this is in place and the people enjoy contributing to the success of the business and they feel recognized for their efforts, the role of the boss is to offer help to accomplish improvements and to develop his people.
Of course AchieV promotes the manager on the shop floor to develop and foster this great CI Culture, but in times of Covid-19 this is not our current reality. So how to do this remotely? Please read more to find out how or directly contact one of our experts to talk about your specific situation and get some help to succeed with developing the Continuous Improvement Culture in your company. Why not? It’s for free!